Widespreaded and adopted almost in every field since several years, color code system applied to work equipment simplify worker and maintenance technician duty.

Indeed, according to company’s maintenance plan is possible to make a colors calendar which, applied on the equipment after mandatory checks, show the effective maintenance status and its consequently readiness.

Color replacement depends on maintenance schedule but generally could be done monthly, quarterly, every four months, twice or once a year (as long as being in compliance with maintenance management system).


  • define the color code with colors to use as well as replacement timing (calendar)
  • buy tape, zip ties or tags of the same colors
  • apply effective color on the equipment after maintenance is done
  • effective color – equipment checked and authorized for use; unvalid color – equipment needs to be checked and unauthorized for use

Simple, isn’t it?

WARNING: color code shall be applied on the equipment by maintenance department only. Is necessary to determine inside the calendar replacement periods in order to ensure a proper check of the equipment as well as following color application in a timely manner.


See attached color code calendar and picture.