Worker’s security abroad is an essential requirement for companies that overlook foreign markets. To avoid he feels “forsaken” company shall take into consideration security issues but, at the same time, trains him on behaviors have to be kept while on mission.

Here below some tips have to be taken for countries where is recommended to exercise a high degree of caution:

  • get detailed information on country risks before your departure
  • make sure your documents are valid and keep a copy with you
  • take out a health insurance to cover medical assistance
  • when you arrive in the country be sure your mobile device works properly and get a local sim
  • save in your phone book local emergency numbers, accommodations as well as colleagues’ number
  • don’t leave your personal data and your phone number to strangers
  • don’t answer to calls or texts of unknown numbers (especially after working hours)
  • respect local religion and culture
  • don’t take pictures of religious places, military as well as police installations
  • wear respectful and discrete clothing
  • don’t wear clothing with company logo after work
  • follow hygiene and health standards
  • hold a discreet and prudent behavior
  • avoid crowded places and demonstrations
  • don’t go to supermarkets, gas stations, pharmacies or ATM during the night
  • make sure you are not followed by prowlers while you are doing something
  • avoid driving during the night; if somebody runs into your car don’t stop
  • if a car closes your road, don’t stop; bump it in the back (between rear wheel and trunk) to make a way for you to get away
  • if a car approaches to yours and somebody shows you a weapon don’t duck, speed up and run away (is just a kidnap attempt)
  • if you flat a tire don’t stop but go ahead till a gas station
  • if they throw an egg on your windscreen don’t activate wipers (you will avoid to spread it as well as reducing visibility) and don’t stop to clean it
  • if you notice fruit on the road surface dodge it because it can contain nails (you’d flat tires by squeezing it and you shall stop becoming victim of a potential assault)
  • if police stops you don’t argue and keep always with you some local money to negotiate unjustified violations or notifications (valid for countries with a high level of corruption)
  • don’t leave in sight valuables inside the car
  • remember to lock the car when you leave
  • don’t quarrel with anyone by walk or by car
  • change your commute route frequently
  • remember to lock home doors when you leave
  • outside your home you are vulnerable (when prowlers plan to kidnap they study victim habits for months) thus, if they stop you or attempt to catch you, run away
  • where you find a private transportation service which connects passenger and driver through an app (ex. UBER) would be preferable than ordinary taxi, since is less recognizable and with no surprises on fares

Working abroad shall be a unique experience, it must be marvelous and fulfilling. Only a well arranged safety plan, an alert and careful behavior of the worker will make it unforgettable.


See attached French Government poster on “HOW TO REACT IN CASE OF TERRORIST ATTACK”.