Pragmatic training on workplace risks is a must and enables to assimilate key safety concepts. However, in complex workplaces or for dangerous activities, pragmatic training can be risky due to catastrophic consequences of a potential human failure.

VISIT (Virtual Site Induction Training) by 4DLabs is born to conciliate these elements: it’s a software platform that reproduces in a realistic manner the workplace and the worker simulating real conditions as well as allowing to become familiar with the scenario and related risks; all without facing risk of injuries or costs caused by human failure.

The use of videogames technology for carrying out training in the industrial field allows to obtain information by playing, to learn by testing and missing in a mock and safe environment.

VISIT is a “serious game”: any workplace can be accurately duplicated graphically (from site details up to weather and environmental conditions), virtual worker can wholly interact within the environment and the system is able to track learner’s performances providing scores, statistics and training reports.

VISIT by 4DLabs team, one step ahead of others!


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